Our Art Curriculum Includes:

  • 36 Weeks of Interactive, Faith-Based, Art Projects

  • Student-Centered Content Focused on Problem-Solving, Creative-Thinking, Self-Awareness, Culture, and More

  • Engaging, High-Quality Videos Full of Educational Content, Demonstrations, and Slideshows

  • Printable Worksheets, Activities, and Optional Rubrics (Rubrics Available For Grades 1 and Above)

  • Online Activities, Quizzes, Warm-Ups, and Exit Tickets

  • Opportunities for Student Engagement through Moderated, Picture and Text-Based Discussion Boards

  • Pre-filled, Online Cart of Suggested Art Materials for Every Project

  • Video and Text Resources for Parents Regarding Material Preparation, Curriculum Navigation, and More

  • Responsive and Personal Email Support

Meet Mrs. Ramey

You are SOO wonderful! Designed by God, and a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, I cannot wait to see what incredible things you will create through our time together! I am thrilled to teach you all that I know about making, testing, building, innovating, improving, and thinking outside of the box while ultimately exploring how to serve our Grandest Creator well.
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Meet Mrs. Ramey