• Developing Art Skills

    Kindergarten students will be challeged through various art projects and problems to create using their knowledge of line, shape, color, stamping, nature, painting, and more!

  • 12 Hours of Engagement

    This art bundle includes approximately 12 hours of interactive activities, instructional videos, quizzes, and worksheets designed specifically for Kindergarten students like yours!

  • Art Materials Required

    In order to complete this art bundle, students will need oil pastels, tempera paint, construction paper, white paper, scissors, tape, and printer access. A full materials list is available upon purchase.

"Line Party"

By this project's end, your student will be able to recall and draw 6 types of lines, identify lines in the real world, thoughtfully apply tempera paint to paper, properly wash and care for paintbrushes, and cut paper using scissor safety! Students will be challeged to create a work of art that reminds them to use their inside and outside voices at the right times!
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"Paul Klee Castles"

Join us for 4 hours of fun as Kindergarten students discover the essentials of stamping, shapes, and oil pastel use after carefully observing the art of Swiss artist Paul Klee. Students will be challenged to create from their imaginations, draw inspiration from experienced artists, and construct something complex from something simple.
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"Migrating Colors"

Kindergarten students will use their knowledge of primary colors, secondary colors, paintbrush care, migration, and oil pastel use to create their own imaginary scene of migrating birds! Students will have the opportunity to create an artwork inspired by real life in nature!
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