• All Skill Levels Encouraged

    Whether your student is an advanced artist or has claimed to "hate art", this is a great place for them! We will all benefit by having your student here - each one of us is valuable and unique and has something important to contribute or create!

  • No Fancy Art Materials Required

    Do you have a blank paper, a #2 pencil, and some crayons? Great, that's all you need! Help your student complete this class with whatever art materials you have on hand while we teach your student how to use their colors!

  • A Heart for Helping Kids

    Do you kids need a safe place to learn or to be in the care of someone trustworthy? After many years of teaching in public and private education, Mrs. Ramey is honored to help you and your family flourish through classes that meet our rigourous standards of care.

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Class Description

Please join us for this relevant art class created to help your students process and healthfully respond to the emotions brought on by the COVID19 pandemic.

This art course will include 4 hours of interactive activities, fun videos, and creative prompts appropriate for kids in grades K-5. Students will learn how to identify emotion in art, how to represent emotion in art, and will have the opportunity to respond to their own recent feelings through the creation of a realistic-looking self-portrait. If you or your students have ever wanted to learn how to draw a realistic looking person, this class is for you! :) And YES, even Kindergarteners can do it - I'll prove it to you! This is my absolute FAVORITE thing to teach! Students will leave this project with:

- Knowledge of artist Edvard Munch
- Familiarity with the artwork The Scream
-Knowledge of art vocabulary such as Line, Shape, Color, Value, and Horizon Line (Vocabulary varies by grade level)
- Knowledge of important facial features and where they belong on a face.
- Understanding of colors and details that help art viewers to properly guess emotions depicted through art.
- A self-made plan of how to handle emotions in the coming weeks.
- A final artwork that explores feelings and the things that cause or contribute to them.

This class starts on Monday, March 23 and is TOTALLY FREE!
Videos will be available for replay for up to one year after release.
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Don't go through this time alone. Take advantage of this free resource and see what "creating through COVID can do for your child!

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