• Developing Art Skills

    Students will learn how to make their own stamps, identify simple shapes in complex images, create places and structures from their imagination, and soo much more!

  • 4 Hours of Engagement

    This project includes approximately 4 hours of interactive activities, instructional videos, quizzes, and worksheets designed specifically for Kindergarten students like yours!

  • Art Materials Required

    In order to complete this project, students will need oil pastels, a piece of black construction paper, white tempera paint, scissors, and tape. Full materials list available upon purchase.

Project Description

Join us for 4 hours of fun as Kindergarten students discover the essentials of stamping, shapes, and oil pastel use after carefully observing the art of Swiss artist Paul Klee. Students will be challenged to create from their imaginations, draw inspiration from experienced artists, and construct something complex from something simple.
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Project Curriculum

  • 1


    • Project PDF
  • 2

    Week #1

  • 3

    Week #2

    • Welcome
    • Warm Up
    • Warm Up Review
    • Introduction To Stamps
    • Cutting Our Stamps
    • Folding And Taping To Make Our Stamps
    • Stamping A Line Of Circles And Ovals
    • Stamping With Triangles
    • Stamping Squares Onto Our Practice Paper
    • Stamping Rectangles Onto Our Practice Paper
    • Clean Up
    • Exit Ticket
  • 4

    Week #3

    • Welcome
    • Warm Up
    • Warm Up Review
    • Cutting Out Our Stamp Rectangles
    • Folding And Taping Our Stamp Shapes
    • Bringing New Art Materials Near
    • Beginning Our First Line Of Stamps
    • Adding A Door And Finishing Our First Line Of Stamps
    • Stamping Our Castle Windows And Our Second Line Of Shapes
    • Stamping Our Third Line Of Shapes
    • Adding Four Shapes To The Top Of Our Castle
    • Clean Up And Exit Ticket Instructions
    • Exit Ticket
  • 5

    Week #4

    • Welcome
    • Warm Up
    • Warm Up Review
    • Getting Out The Same Colors As Mr. Klee
    • Coloring In Door Shapes Nicely And Neatly
    • Finding And Coloring Our Window Shapes
    • Coloring All Of Our Shapes
    • Adding One Special Thing and Cleaning Up
    • Sharing Our Artwork
    • Quiz