The Third Grade Semester

What is the Fall Semester Like?

If you are looking for a meaningful, relevant, and educational art experience for your student this fall, then look no further! During this 12-week fall semester, your student to be challenged by age-specific art prompts and student-focused projects developed to give you the flexibility, control, and the freedom you need. Each week, your students will be provided with one hour of responsive online activities, educational videos, demonstration videos, artistic prompts, and step-by-step instruction to assist them in their journey towards creating their own, unique masterpieces. The fall semester begins Sept. 1, 2019 and class content will remain available until June 19, 2020.
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What Will My Student Learn?

This fall semester, third-grade students will learn a variety of techniques, vocabulary, skills, and facts. By the end of fall, your students will be able to use their imaginations to "see" representational images in abstracted artwork; create a finished work of art out of a wandering line; explain Paul Klee's method of starting new artworks, define value; apply, blend, and change the value of soft pastels; identify colors that are analagous; explain Henri Matisse's process of creating cut-outs; repeat elements of art in order to create interest; define composition; arrange elements to create a full and complete-looking piece of art; illustrate interactions between people, animals, or objects; define and identify surreal artworks; identify three memorable characteristics of Salvador Dali; demonstrate responsibility and care with clay tools; recognize and demonstrate understanding of basic clay vocabulary; and more.
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Fall 2019 Projects

All Registrations Inlude:

  • 12 Weeks of Interactive, Faith-Based Art Projects

  • Student-Centered Content Focused on Problem-Solving, Creative-Thinking, Self-Awareness, Culture, and More

  • Engaging, High-Quality Videos Full of Educational Content, Demonstrations, and Slideshows

  • Printable Worksheets and Activities

  • Online Activities, Quizzes, Warm-Ups, and Exit Tickets

  • Opportunities for Student Engagement through Moderated, Picture and Text-Based Discussion Boards

  • Pre-filled, Online Cart of Suggested Art Materials for Every Project

  • Resources for Parents Regarding Material Preparation, Curriculum Navigation, and More

  • Responsive and Personal Email Support